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Water restrctions are in place

Feb 14, 2016

Control for summer Aphid issues...
Aug 28, 2015

The department of water resources is offering turf removal rebates. 




Jun 1, 2014

We are offering free design services for jobs over $20,000. Call us today!


Mar 6, 2014

We are now offering service to Sun City, Lincoln, and Roseville. Visit our Services page.

Commercial Management

At Fallen Leaf, we believe our work stands on it’s own.  Upon request we will schedule an appointment to survey your property, providing a thorough, timely estimate.

Lawn Care 

  • All turf areas shall be mowed and edged weekly during the active growth season and as required during the less active winter months. 
  • Turf will be mowed at the correct height depending on turf variety and current season. 
  • Clippings shall be gathered, removed and disposed in a green friendly manner.  Mulching decks shall be utilized wherever possible to reduce green waste.



  • Turf will be fertilized six (6) to eight (8) times per year according to individual needs to maintain good health, vigor and color throughout the year.  Slow release fertilizers will be used whenever possible to lessen impact on the environment. 
  • Shrubs shall be fertilized as required up to two (2) times per year.  The fertilization will take place in March and October. 


Pruning and Shrub Care

  • Shrubs and hedges will be pruned 3 (three) times per year in March, June and October. Shoot outgrowth will be pruned on a monthly basis to maintain a neat appearance. During the monthly pruning, Fallen Leaf will inspect for disease and insects


Tree pests

The most common problem we encounter with trees is aphids. These are the small white insects that are often seen on the leaves of Crape Myrtles and Hackberries in the summer months. These insects produce the sticky, “sap like” material found on the leaves and ground around the tree.  To alleviate this problem Fallen Leaf uses very effective chemical in the winter called Merit.  This chemical is injected in the soil using a special tool around the caliper (base) of the tree.  This chemical eliminated these pests before they get started and has a 95-100% success rate.

Pest control in trees will be performed as necessary and will be billed as an extra charge upon the approval of the appropriate representative.


Tree pruning on species under 12 ft.

Tree pruning is necessary to promote healthy growth, shape and structural stability.  As part of our normal annual contract, specimen trees such as Crape Myrtles and Japanese Maples are pruned for maximum growth potential and aesthetics. In addition, we prune larger species on a bid type basis.

Sprinkler, valve and timer replacements

Fallen Leaf repairs and replaces all types of timers, valves and sprinkler heads. We will send only qualified, certified technicians to evaluate and repair your system.  As always, estimate are free of charge and thorough estimate will be provided. 


New sod or over-seed service

Did you know “the useful life of sod is 10-12 years before it needs to be replaced”? Fallen Leaf removes and replaces sod and sprinklers systems to give your property the appearance it deserves.  In addition, we provide over-seed service to help “thicken up” existing grass areas. 

Total property clearing

On a bid basis we will schedule crews to provide total property clearing.  

Annual aeration service

As part of Fallen Leafs annual contract we provide aeration services.  Aeration of your sod helps in the following ways:

  1. Improved air exchange between the soil and atmosphere.
  2. Enhanced soil water uptake.
  3. Improved fertilizer uptake and use.
  4. Reduced water runoff and puddling.
  5. Improved resiliency and cushioning
  6. Enhanced thatch breakdown.


Annual mulch replacement

Mulch is a necessary part of the healthy stability of your landscape.  Some of the specific benefits of mulching your planter areas are:

  • 10-25 % soil moisture loss due to evaporation
  • The presence of weeds are dramatically reduced